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  1. By Subscribing & registering with Invest in Shares, the trader or an investor agree to receive SMS and mail from Invest in Shares. We may send you information mail or SMS if you provide your contact details on You also agree that Invest in Shares would not be responsible for any action taken by you for stopping the mails or sms, if you have not intimated to Invest in Sharesin written or through Email. By Accepting the Terms and Conditions you agree to receive All SMS from Invest in Shares even if you are a DND Registered subscriber.
  2. Invest in Shares provides the trading information in our website from various sources and websites. We update the trading content information on a daily basis from the external sources and etc. We are not responsible for the content (Market alerts,Equity & Commodity tips) which we publish in our website. We always suggest you to take your own decisions before making an investment.



  1. Invest in Shares, we as a stock market service advisor does not provide any strong buy or sell recommendations for profits. We are sharing our ideas based on the various market sources and from market related websites to make the investors stay updated in markets. No cash related transactions are accepted. We once suggest our clients not to deal any cash related transactions related to trading with any of our staff or agents. For any such activities, contact our support team for clarifications.


  1. Calls provided in this website is a general advice for educational purpose based on various market sources and trading related websites.  We always advise our clients to do their independent research on any individual stock or commodities before making an investment. We are not responsiblefor any profit or loss.We do not recommend or force anyone to use our services . It is based purely on the interest of the investors or traders.


  1. The subscriptions mentioned in our website is not for the equity and commodity trading calls we are providing . We are charging our customers Rs.499 & Rs.1199 +GST for the information which we provide in our website. The information who visit our website on a day to day basis for the market related information, website maintenance, Web Domain and Hosting, Staff salary and other site subscription charges.


  1. The information (Market alerts, Market outlook , Equity & commodity tips) is provided through a Mobile application in a handy way to stay you updated. For that we are collecting Rs.499 & Rs.1199 +GST for the website and Mob application usage, and not for the content in our website or mobile application.


  1. We are not recommending any trader or an investor to use our subscription services. The information on this website may provide risk to the trader or an investor. Hence the risk and loss arriving from our website belongs to the own decision of the trader or an investor using our services.


  1. All Profit and Loss Reports in our website are integrated to evaluate the quality of calls and to check the knowledge level of our team. Hence the past profit and Loss reports cannot assure you the same level of accuracy of calls. This is maintained for an appropriate guess and levels about the market. We suggest our trader or an investor to make the individual decision before subscribing with us.



Refund policy & Cancellation


  1. No Refund – Why no refund
    We are providing 2 days free trial to evaluate the quality of our services. If satisfied with our services , the trader or an investor can subscribe for a premium plan. Kindly make the right decision before making a purchase.Read all information about or packages , services and support etc before you subscribe with us.


  1. We charge Rs.499 & Rs.1199 +GST only for the site and mob app usage and not for the content(Market alerts, Equity & commodity tips).This content is from various websites & market sources. If any risk or loss is incurred, we are responsible for the loss.Trade with your own risk.


  1. After payment is done , if you dont get the accessibility kindly contact our support team to get the services enabled ( ).