Advantages of ICEX trading

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One undeniable advantage of diamonds is their size to value ratio.  Diamonds have the most concentrated value out of all natural resources and other assets.  Several millions of dollars can be the size of one small fancy colored stone. No other asset can stand up to diamonds in that respect. The outcome of a diamond’s relatively small size is that diamonds are extremely portable, one of their greatest advantages.

Some of Prominent shareholders are MMTC Ltd, Central Warehousing Corporation, Indian Potash Ltd, KRIBHCO, Punjab National Bank, IDFC Bank Ltd, Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation, Reliance Exchangenext Ltd, Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd, Gujarat State Agricultural Marketing Board, NAFED and Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.

The exchange launched world’s first ever Diamond derivative contracts. ICEX aims to provide futures trading products in India’s all economically relevant commodity. At present it offers futures contract in Diamond. Providing desired price risk hedging solution to the trade through innovative contract designing forms core value of ICEX. ICEX is the first exchange in India to adopt global hi-tech platform that ensures automatic and seamless switch-over from its Data Center (DC) to the Disaster Recovery (DR) site with zero data loss in case of exigencies.