How To Make Profit in Intraday Trading

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  1. First of all your Basics has to be clear.
  2. Money management. Before entering in any trade you should already know how much you can afford to lose on this trade.
  3. New Traders should never trade without Stop-loss. If you trade without Stop-loss you will regret
  4. Don’t bring your emotions in Trading. Be practical If trade going wrong cut in minimum loss.
  5. Try to find the market direction and always go with market trends.
  6. Keep your position light.
  7. Don’t be in hurry of making money Trust me, Market is not going anywhere.
  8. Try to be consistent and Keep things realistic. The more you learn the more you make money in stock market.
  9. A trading diary is the secret weapon of every successful intraday trader. It is not just a record of your trades and the logic of the trades, but also a learning process.