What is TWS

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Our market maker-designed Trader Workstation (TWS) lets traders, investors and institutions. trade stocks, options, futures, bonds and funds on over 100 markets worldwide. from a single account

Optimize your trading speed and efficiency with Trader Workstation (TWS). TWS offers the following benefits:

  • A simplified but sophisticated workspace that puts order management, analytics, account monitoring and more at your fingertips.
  • Comprehensive News and Fundamentals subscriptions from leading providers that integrate seamlessly into the TWS workspaces.
  • Real-time account balance and activity monitoring, with a real-time margining system that notifies you of margin deficiencies before liquidation becomes necessary.
  • Task-specific trading tools to enhance efficiency for all trading styles, including the Accumulate/Distribute also FXT trader, Scale Trader, Spread Trader, Option Trader and more.
  • Sophisticated, built-in risk management and option pricing applications.
  • An optional Paper Trading account, linked to your production account, which lets you experiment with the full range of TWS features in a simulated environment.